Meeting with Easytec Software

The meeting between Tessera and Easytec Software in Koblenz, Germany, has been completed. Four executives from Tessera and three from Easytec participated in the meeting during which the current state of the cooperation and its prospects were discussed. The two companies confirmed their excellent relationship and expressed their desire to strengthen and enhance their cooperation in the coming period.

Tessera and the German ERP software developer, Easytec Software, have maintained a successful partnership since 2013 until today. Tessera has developed, maintains and supports the mobile application that accompanies the ERP developed by Easytec. The Easytec mobile app has been made available to around 150 companies with over 5,000 users in Germany and Luxembourg.

A simpler version of this application, adapted to the Greek market, 4techman, has been implemented by Tessera and is available to Greek businesses.


Meeting Tessera - Easytec at Koblenz

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