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The Company

Tessera Multimedia was founded in 1997 and specializes in the design and the development of web, mobile and multimedia applications.

With headquarters in Thessaloniki, Tessera has developed business activities covering the whole Greece and has developed a significant partner network and a large customer base by investing in long-term relationships of trust and reliability.

Our company has designed and successfully implemented a significant number of complex software projects in a wide range of sectors. Tessera has gained exceptional experience in designing and developing mobile apps, websites and e-shopseducational games, and custom web apps.

Tessera has entered into strategic partnerships with the aim of implementing large-scale projects through European and National Innovative Programs.

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Quality and reliability

Tessera seeks to be always up to date with current trends and advancements in software technology, constantly investing in new technologies and human resources. The quality of our productions is perceived by their advanced aesthetics, reliability and safety of the services provided. The quality policy we apply can be attributed to the following three key principles:

  • Meeting customer needs and expectations.
  • Using processes that enable continuous improvement of our products and services.
  • Constantly monitoring technological developments in order to offer the best technical solutions available.



Implementation of 4techman mobile and web application for companies which have field-based workers


Program ‘Research-Create-Innovate 2’ - Project code: T2EDK-01232

‘Investment Innovation Plans’ Program - Inclusion of KMP6-0076626 project


Program ‘Open Innovation in Culture’ - ARTECH project with Tellogleio

‘Research-Create-Innovate 2’ project - Cyber-Pi with Innosec ltd


Implementation of a 4control application for Carrier Services

‘Open Innovation in Culture’ project / Mergin’mode - a platform for highlighting monuments using geoinformatics technologies


4helix + Interreg Med / project UDYSSEA - cruise line creation platform with a choice of alternative destinations and activities.

Implementation of 4myCity application for local authorities


‘Research-Create-Innovate’ program / project forDiabetes - diabetes data management software


European Program FIWARE / project diaBEATes - mobile diabetes management application


European Program FIWARE / project TAQ - mobile application of traceability & quality management of agricultural products .


ICT4GROWTH / project Energy Audit ICT-000457 - energy efficiency assessment platform for buildings

Implementation of a mobile project management application for technical companies, for the German company EASYTEC


The company participates in the implementation of a research project of the Laboratory of Construction and Physics of Buildings of the Department of Civil Engineering, within the program COOPERATION 2011 with funding from the NSRF 2007-2013.


Research project for the construction of a device for absolute measurement of thermal conductivity in the framework of the program "Bilateral S&T Cooperation Greece-China 2012-2014".

Participation in the MO-BIZZ project within the European CIP-ICT-PSP program with implementation period from 2012 to 2015.


The company is expanding in the field of mobile development with the object of creating applications for iOS (iPhone / iPad) and Android devices.


We participate in the European Research project KP-LAB, in the framework of the European IS Program. The development of the project lasted 5 years, in which the company collaborated with 20 technical companies and research institutions in Europe.


Assignment from the Ministry of Education the development of educational software for the teaching of the Language in the classes A'-B ', C'-D' & E'-ST' in Primary Education.


The implementation of the 4CMS online content management system begins.


The CD-ROM "Computer Lab" takes part in the pan-European Europrix competition where it competes with 600 productions from various European countries. It is one of the 30 best multimedia productions in Europe and is awarded a quality seal.


Participation of the company in the European Research Program DUNES, in the framework of the European IST Program.

The software "Computer Lab" is honored with awards in the pan-Hellenic multimedia competitions: Mobius 2002 and in the 3rd Panhellenic Multimedia & Internet Competition.


The company is transformed into a Societe Anonyme with the full name "Tessera Information Systems SA."


Tessera implements in collaboration with the University of Macedonia, the DELYS software, (Interactive Educational Software for Computer Systems), within the project "E22 - Nautical", which concerns the development of multimedia educational software for Secondary education.


Tessera was founded in August 1997. Construction of the website of the Ministry of Macedonia - Thrace.

The Team

Tessera seeks to be always up to date with current trends and advancements in software technology, constantly investing in new technologies and human resources. The development department consists of qualified staff ensuring high quality, integrated services. At the same time, our personnel is trained systematically in deploying new technologies, aiming that our productions are always on the cutting edge of technology. The fundamentals that define us as a company but also as individuals are integrity, creativity, cooperation and consistency.
Efopoulos Vassilis

Vassilis P. Efopoulos

Co-Founder - General Manager

Gaide Sophia

Sophie Gaide

Co-founder - CEO

Leonard Shtika

Leonard Shtika

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)


Despoina Theodorakoglou


Koufis Antonis

Antonis Koufis

Development Department

Vasilis Sarigkolis

Vassilis Sarigkolis

Development Department

Periklis Fregkos

Periklis Fregkos

Development Department

New Person

Theodoros Mastromanolis

Development Department


Georgia Kosmidou

Development Department

Eleni Efopoulou

Eleni Efopoulou

Web Design

Panagiotis Efopoulos

Panagiotis Efopoulos

Development Department

Helen Katsepa

Eleni Katsepa

Development Department

New Person

Christos Dobrougidis

Development Department


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