4techman is chosen by 9 new businesses

We are pleased to announce that 9 new companies have purchased the 4techman software to optimally monitor field service operations outside the company’s headquarters.

n the first quarter of the year, 4techman joined the Digital SME programme and was installed in the following companies:

It is a software system, which is addressed to a wide range of companies, which have technicians – employees working in the field (field service). Its main function is the management of projects and tasks, in which the company’s technicians are employed on a daily basis.

4techman: An innovative, modern, flexible field service mobile & web app

The platform consists of two main parts: the mobile application on Android and iOS, which is managed by the company’s technicians/employees, and the Web application, which is used exclusively by the platform administrators and runs in a browser.

4techman is addressed to:

  • Companies that maintain or support air conditioning systems, lifts, oil or gas boilers
  • Technical and construction companies
  • Companies that have employees working in the field, repairing various damages. These may include plumbers, electricians, refrigeration engineers, etc.
  • Cleaning, disinfection and disinsection companies.
  • Companies with a service department offering technical support or repairs at third-party locations.
  • Companies working in the field of maintenance, care or construction of gardens.
  • Car repair shops
  • Companies with employees visiting customers, with salesmen, with carriers.

In conclusion, 4techman is a project management system that can be used by a wide range of businesses. Using mobile and web applications, this system allows companies to manage and monitor the work of their technical employees remotely, thus improving the efficiency and organization of the company.


4techman field service web app

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