Websites for Adacs and Intelligen

Tessera designed and implemented two new sites, for the companies Adacs and Intelligen.
Adacs(ADvertising ACtivities Solutions) operates in the advertising market offering specialized software solutions for this market, worldwide.
Website visitors (media agencies, advertising companies, etc.) can be informed about the online platform, which supports all the daily needs of advertising companies. All features of the platform are presented on the site as well as testimonials – customer reviews.
Those who are intrested can request a demo through the site and read blog posts that appear on it.
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Intelligen develops and markets software tools for simulation, computer-aided design, capacity analysis, production planning, debottleneck accounting, environmental impact assessment and project financial evaluation.
The Intelligen website provides information about the company and its products. At the same time, it gives details about the sectors served by the company, while those interested can also watch educational videos, concerning the company’s services.
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