Field Service management app – 4techman at the13th OTS Forum

The General Manager of Tessera Multimedia SA, Vassilis Efopoulos, presented the new product of the company, the4techman app, an online application for field service management, at the 13th OTS Forum.

This is a system, which is addressed to a wide range of companies, which have technicians – employees. Its main function is field service management, in which the company’s technicians are employed daily. The 4techman consists of two main parts:

  • the mobile application on Android and iOS, which is managed by the technicians / employees of the company
  • the web application, used exclusively by the platform administrators and running in a browser.

Through the mobile application, the technician receives on a daily basis the tasks in which he participates. At the same time, it records everything that is considered important (employment time, used components, etc.). The registered information is sent to the web application, which records the data from all technicians, having overall supervision of the projects.

The technician can create a report with the tasks he has worked on and record the total number of hours spent for each task. He can also photograph the workplace with his mobile phone and send the photos to the web application.

Tessera participated in the 13th OTS Forum held in Thessaloniki on November 18, 19 and 20, 2021. Participated in the section: Smart Cities: Practical Applications of Smart Cities in Greece.


mocup-mobile 4techman

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