Website of Estate Argyros

Website of Estate Argyros

Estate Argyros, one of Greece’s most renowned wineries, entrusted Tessera with its new online presence.




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Project Description

Estate Argyros, one of the leading wineries not only in Greece but also in Europe, has entrusted its new online presence to Tessera. The result: a modern website, presenting the history of the company and its wonderful products. At the same time, it enables visitors to Santorini to experience a unique guided tour of the winery’s premises, through its integrated reservation system.

Through the website, the visitor can book one of the two offered “Wine Tours” at a specific date and time. The manager sees all the reservations and can accept, modify, cancel them in an easy way.

All Estate Argyros winery tours include time spent in the vineyards and winery, tasting different wines accompanied by a small selection of local cheeses.

The website showcases all of the estate’s popular labels (e.g. Vinsantos, Assyrtiko). It has rich content and photographic material and presents the company’s news, activities and awards.

Estate Argyros is the largest vineyard owner in Santorini and is particularly famous for the production of high quality wines from the Assyrtiko variety. The history of the winery dates back to 1903, and has been passed down from generation to generation, with the Argyros family continuing the tradition of growing grapes and producing wine.

The vineyards of Estate Argyros are located in volcanic soils, which gives unique characteristics to their wines, as the volcanic soil gives a special metallic character. Estate Argyros produces a variety of wines, including white, red and sweet wines, and has won many awards for the quality and distinctiveness of its wines.

Estate Argyros is also known for its sustainability and efforts to preserve the natural environment by incorporating environmentally friendly practices in the cultivation of the vineyards and wine production.


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