New installations of the 4techman field management software

Two new installations of 4techman field service management software, Tessera delivered last month. The first application was installed in the Municipality of Kalamaria with the aim of better monitoring and implementation of citizens’ requests. The second installation took place at the company Technomechaniki LTD, in order to control the electrical and mechanical projects implemented by the company.

The 4techman platform is aimed at a wide range of businesses, such as technical companies, whose employees – technicians are mostly employed outside the company headquarters, in the field (field service management).

The system consists of two main parts: the mobile application on Android and iOS, which is managed by the technicians/workers, and the web application, which is used exclusively by the platform administrators.

Through the mobile application, the field-based worker receives on a daily basis the work in which he participates, while at the same time he records anything that is considered important (employment time, used components, etc.). The registered information is sent to the web application, which records the data from all the technicians, having overall supervision over the work of each employee.

Each technician can create reports with the tasks they have worked on and record the total hours required for each task. The technician has the possibility to photograph the workplace from his device and send the images to the web application.

In the new version, 1.4.0 4techman has the following features:

  1. Add photos from mobile (support offline upload/sync)
  2. Synchronization of documents (pdf, word, excel)
  3. Ability to read documents and photos offline
  4. View files in-app with device-specific storage and editing capabilities (iOS or Android)
  5. Adding comments to the time log
  6. Get geolocation in offline mode
  7. App logout confirmation
  8. Improved dark-mode
  9. Comments page redesign
  10. Confirm deletion of an individual task or time entry
  11. Starting employment more than once


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