Carrier Services – New contract for 4control

Tessera has signed a new contract with Carrier Services, for the supply and support of the new version of the 4control application.
To 4control είναι μια web εφαρμογή της Tessera για την απομακρυσμένη παρακολούθηση και έλεγχο ευαίσθητων συσκευών, όπως τα ψυγεία και οι καταψύκτες, που λειτουργούν σε καταστήματα supermarket, mini market καθώς και σε επιχειρήσεις με είδη διατροφής.
With 4control web application, Carrier Services remotely monitors approximately 500 food chain stores with 10,000 checkpoints, with refrigerators and freezers. The software provides:
  • Remote monitoring of real-time data such as temperature, door condition, fan, defrost, solenoid valve, etc.
  • Automated control of operation, remote technical control
  • Automatic, fast (asynchronous) and continuous data recording
  • Automatic notifications in case of any problem
  • Automatically find and update checkpoints in a new store
  • 24-hour online data management

The software provides the ability to modify settings at checkpoints as well as extract and print important information.

The application follows the principles of Responsive Web Design. Adjusts its appearance to be displayed correctly on Computers, Laptops, Tablets and Smartphones.

Progressive Web App technology is also supported, allowing users to have the application immediately available on their device’s home screen, without the need to use a browser.


4control Carrier Services