B2B e-shop for Vasiliadis Garden Center

The company “Garden Center Vasiliadis” trusted Tessera for the creation of their new, B2B, online store, which you can see at https://fivatech.gr/

The B2B e-shop presents the company’s wholesale products, such as pots, plant support materials, fertilizers, garden decoration products such as artificial ponds, ground cover fabrics and geocells. In order to gain access to product prices, the wholesale customer needs an application – filling out a form with the company’s details. In order to gain access to the prices of the products, the wholesale customer, an application is required – filling out a form with the company’s details.

The e-shop was implemented using CMS WordPress and Woo-commerce, in their latest versions. As part of the project, an interface bridge was created with Softone‘s ERP, for the automatic transfer of orders from B2B to ERP. The automatic transfer of products, customers, pricing policy from ERP to B2B was also implemented.

Tessera will follow the path of B2B in its first steps, so that the transition of the business to the online environment, tools and the modern way of selling is smooth.



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