4control: Management system for commercial refrigerators

A new application was developed by Tessera for the remote monitoring of commercial refrigerators and freezers as well as the immediate intervention of the authorities in case of malfunction.

The 4control platform, designed on behalf of the company ‘Carrier’, provides the possibility of 24-hour online management of all data drawn from the refrigerators of the food and grocery store chains, in order to achieve their seamless monitoring and the prevention of refrigerator malfunctions.

The main functions of 4control are:

  • Monitoring of all stores in the food chain (temperature, status of door, fan, defrost, magnetic valve, etc.)
  • Monitoring of all refrigerator control points
  • Record, export and print detailed temperature chart
  • Capture and store data in real time
  • Multiple control point settings
  • Bypassing checkpoints
  • Automatic finding and updating check points in a specific store
  • Automatic notifications in case of any problem.

The platform is designed with technology responsive web design, so that it can be fully adapted to all dimensions of modern mobile devices (laptops, tablets, smartphones) and with technology Progressive Web app, which allows users to have the application immediately available on their device’s home screen, without requiring them to use a browser.


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